5 Brilliant Things to Enjoy in Courmayeur

7 January 2013
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7 January 2013, Comments: 0

Last week I told you all about my birthday in Courmayeur, one of my favourite ski resorts in the world. What I didn’t mention is some of the latest developments there. So, without further ado, here are five of the best new things I discovered during my Christmas trip.

1. Après-ski on the mountain. The cable car now runs until 11.30pm. Not only does that mean you can now eat in seven restaurants up the mountain during the evening, but there’s also no more pressure in taking the last cable car down. Which means the queues have disappeared. Better yet, après-ski now officially exists on the mountain as well as town. The main cable car has also been replaced with a snazzy panoramic one, surrounded by glass and endorsed by Armani.


2. The Bertonlini Chair got even better. My favourite run, the Rocce Bianche, used to be served by the most painfully slow two-man Bertolini chairlift. No longer – this has now been replaced by a high-speed four-seater, with its arrival point extended to allow for even more descent options, including Gabba.

3. Good news for park rats. That’s right – there’s a new snow park. Not my cup of tea, but those of you who enjoy flying through the air before falling painfully on your arse will be extremely pleased. I’ m told it’s a very good one.

Good recycling of the old cable car.

4. Mountain food like nowhere else. The extended opening times of Courmayeur’s mountain restaurants only seems to have improved the resort’s strongest asset. There is so much to chose from, and at 12 Euro for a pizza, it’s still great value. If you know where to look, there are some real gems too.

Here’s an offer you can’t refuse: book a holiday with us this season, and I’ll personally send you my little black book of unmissable mountain eateries.

As you sit down, antipasti are served, a glass of Prosecco, a bottle of still, a bottle of sparkling. That will hush your group up and give them time to relax and study the menu.

Real pesto

Yes not only the Swiss do the Petit Arvine but Anselme, one of the best local Aosta Valley producers does a great number. The other two reds speak for themselves:-)

5. Nightclubs for night owlsI. I’ve heard a lot of complaints down the years about the lack of nightlife in town. Well, now there are no fewer than four nightclubs open until the small hours. And yet, despite the fact that Courmayeur has lately become the major destination for the Italian “in” crowd, it’s still very affordable indeed.


And my latest discovery…….

How about a parallel slalom on these snow bikes? We can organise this for you on the Dolonne nursery.

And if you are too unfit, you can always put the snowbikes on the tapis roulant before you get ready for your next go.

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