The Mountain Gourmet Ski Experience

Following the incredible success of the last two years of the Mountain Gourmet Ski Experience, which has drawn plaudits from both The Sunday Times and Daily Telegraph, you have the opportunity to join Heston Blumenthal, Sat Bains and Marcus Wareing in Courmayeur for the enhanced third edition of this incredible event. The 2016 event sees Clare Smyth join the three legendary chefs in the Italian resort of Courmayeur to lead guests on another tantalising gourmet adventure. The journey will start at Heston's Perfectionist's Cafe in the new Heathrow Terminal 2, followed by three days of skiing, one rustic and one gourmet, Michelin-star dinner on the mountain by Sat, Clare and Marcus, and much else besides.

Next year's exclusive edition of the Mountain Gourmet Ski Experience will take place from 8th to 11th January 2016.
To find out more and request places please contact Jessica Gorman by email

The 2015 edition of the Mountain Gourmet Ski Experience finished in style on January 12th, on the slopes of Courmayeur, as Heston Blumenthal weaved his inimitable magic with a glass of hot chocolate that tasted like brown bread.

For guests, this was one of the many high points of the previous three days, starting on Friday with a welcome reception celebrating the mountains and Aosta Valley at the Alpine Guide Museum. Italian Michelin-starred chef Maura Gosio then introduced guests to her interpretation of Italian and mountain cuisine at the Grand Hotel Royal e Golf for the first of the three dinners.

After a morning of skiing, the second day lunch started in the sunshine as the wine tasting and barbeque got going at Chateau Branlant for a tantalising array of Italian roasted meat cuts. A spectacular evening dinner followed at La Chaumiere, where Marcus Wareing, Sat Bains and Heston personally plated and served the seven-course gourmet tasting dinner, individually explaining the recipes and dishes cooked by their teams to delighted guests at the table.

A change on day three due to stormy conditions saw the addition of an exciting 4x4 ride to the foot of Mont Blanc for suckling pig on the spit, whilst the exhilarating snowmobile ride to Maison Vieille for a rustic dinner started the evening with an adrenalin rush, culminating in a wild party with the chefs dancing on the tables until 2am before the last ride back on the cable car.

An unforgettable experience for all, sharing precious time with three British culinary legends in the warmth of Courmayeur's hospitality.

The concept is a foodie's (…) dream: four days of crisp slopes, fine Italian wine and haute cuisine cooked by some of the world's top chefs. (…) You don't only get Marcus Wareing, Sat Bains and Heston Blumenthal as chefs for the weekend, you also get them as mates". Heston quote "I actually want to cry. Seriously, it makes me so emotional: these are Michelin-starred chefs, but they're cooking the kinds of things they would make for their families.

City Am, 5 February 2015 - Alex Dymoke

He (Heston) finds time to serve a yeasted, frothing hot chocolate with truffle-topped chocolate bars. In the excellent mountain restaurants dotted around the pistes (Blumenthal wants to rebrand the resort 'Gourmayeur'), lunches get accordingly longer, with Fontina cheese melted into cabbage, chestnuts wrapped in lardo, spit-roasted suckling pig. "One of my favourite things about skiing (in Courmayeur) is that you're always looking forward to something", Blumenthal says. "What's next? Go up the mountain and come down, then you look forward to your coffee stop, and then to lunch, and then to skiing.

Ft Weekend, 24 January 2015 - Natalie Whittle